phthisis (phthisis) wrote,

Coffee-House Chatter

In my utopia, this is what the coffee-house chatter would sound like. An aside to my one socialist friend:

I still don't understand why, even in light of completely unrelated socialist doctrines, you would align yourself with an ideology that uniformly claims that the Israelis are 100% to blame, the Palestinians and other Arabs are 0% to blame, and with which the mass murders of Jewish civilians doesn't emotionally register. That is what socialism is. Socialism is a discredited cops-and-robbers cartoon in which the historical narrative becomes fat robber barons who smoke cigars and grind their patent-leathers into the necks of worker-saints. For 100 years, socialists have located empowered and self-defensive Jewry in the place of those robber barons. Find me a socialist thinker, party or movement that says otherwise. When Jews transcend the throng of faceless, pacifist, international drones that are the socialist's vision, they become little gold monopoly men whom it is ok to blow up -- along with their children -- so long as an ever-receding list of ahistorical "root causes" isn't addressed through prostration and appeasement.

Socialism is evil. There is no other way to describe it.
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