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Letter to a "Peace Activist"

To: Anti-Israel Lunatic
From: A Friend of Israel
Re: Your Mawkish Protest of Being Labeled an Anti-Semite

Dear Anti-Israel Lunatic,

What is self-evidently bizarre (to borrow Andrew Sullivan's phrase) -- and therefore gives rise to the question of antisemitism -- is that you are obsessed with the sins of Israel (and America) alone. Furthermore, you athletically exaggerate them.

The baldly dishonest moral revisionism required to do this in the face of the innumerable and far worse crimes of many governments is what marrs you. It's your Scarlet Letter.

You see, we know that the only way you could have come to this conclusion is to embrace an ideology, not an empirical reality. And to embrace such a far-fetched ideology, and the monolithic scapegoating of Jews it demands, is quite telling.

It is all the more so considering the nakedly genocidal intentions of Arabs across the Middle East, easily sampled in their press, school curricula, and in the speeches of their imams and political leaders.

Whether you like it or not, whether it seems right or wrong to you, Israel is currently home to nearly 5 million Jews. Not many of them had anything to do with the founding of the country. When your ideology drives you to call for Israel to politically compromise itself, or to reduce its security measures in spite of relentless Palestinian violence, you jeopardize those Jews.

The question is not whether you are anti-Semitic. The question is in what way are you not anti-Semitic?


A Friend of Israel
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