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One Canard Down...

Not that it will matter to anti-Semitic propagandists, but Israel has been cleared of wrongdoing in the famous USS Liberty attack, by the National Security Agency, of all things.

"New documents released this week by America's National Security Agency support Israel's version of a long-festering controversy between the two countries: Israel's shelling of an American spy ship, the USS Liberty, off the coast of Gaza during the 1967 Six-Day War.

Israel has always said it had no idea the ship was American, but conspiracy theorists and anti-Israel propagandists still claim Israel struck the ship in the full knowledge that it was American."
The tragic attack on the USS Liberty has for decades been harnessed by the worst of the anti-Jewish worst to try to convince Americans of Jewish perfidy and sap support for Israel. It's nice to see this information finally aired.

From Little Green Footballs.

Update: Here is the NSA's actual index of materials related to the disaster. It includes .wav format reproductions of the Hebrew communications between the Israeli attack planes and their ground control, as well as .pdf transcripts of them in English translation. There are also condensed summaries of the communications.
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