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Update and Leftist Anti-Semitism Bibiography

Andrew Sullivan is currently taking his annual August hiatus. Quite naturally, and without knowing of Sullivan's sabbatical tradition, I have been doing the same thing. Sullivan says,

"...blogging each day, sometimes thousands of words a day, is a wonderful but grueling way to write. I think bloggers do well to take time out. We can lose perspective, stop thinking in longer form, and also get exhausted."
I am in complete emotional agreement with him, although I didn't realize until I read his entry that my posting procrastination was part of a break I was forcing upon myself.

Sullivan is burnt out from vetting all the contemporaneous gay marriage/high school/rights hysteria. As for me, I'm not really burnt out by anything in particular, or even really burnt out at all. I don't plan on making this a month-long thing. Sometimes I just feel like I owe it to myself and others to just stop posting for a bit and, well, read.

Blogging is great in so many ways. It's a wonderful outlet, and a blog is a proving grounds for one's writing and rhetorical skills. But the more you learn, the more you realize you need to learn.

What better way to make something positive out of this hiatus but to share my current reading list? I realized while making this post that not only am I ripping off Sullivan's laziness, but he's tiding his readers over with a reading list of his own. Grr. Well, my list is not so much a reading list as a research bibliography on the topic of Leftist anti-Semitism. So, with that value-add, here ya go. If I ever make it through half of this stuff, I'm gonna be qualified to hit the lecture circuit.

I present these books in no implied order of importance.

My Scintillating List of Really Obscure Toilet Readings on Leftist Anti-Semitism

Between Redemption and Perdition: Modern Antisemitism and Jewish Identity by Robert S. Wistrich

Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism in the Contemporary World by Robert S. Wistrich

Socialism and the Jews: The Dilemmas of Assimilation in Germany and Austria-Hungary by Robert S. Wistrich

Out of the Red Shadows: Anti-Semitism in Stalin's Russia (Russian Studies) by Gennadi V. Kostyrchenko

Karl Marx and the Radical Critique of Judaism by Julius Carlebach

Anti-Semitism and Zionism: Selected Marxist Writings by Daniel Rubin

Against Fragmentation: The Origins of Marxism and the Sociology of Intellectuals by Alvin Ward Gouldner, Cornelis Disco (Editor), Janet Gouldner (Editor)

The New Anti-Semitism: The Current Crisis and What We Must Do About It by Phyllis Chesler

If I Am Not for Myself...: The Liberal Betrayal of the Jews by Ruth R. Wisse

Antisemitism: Historically and Critically Examined by Hugo Valentin

Was the Red Flag Flying There?: Marxist Politics and the Arab-Israeli Conflict in Egypt and Israel, 1948-1965 by Joel Beinin

Stalin's Secret Pogrom: The Postwar Inquisition of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee (Annals of Communism) by Joshua Rubenstein (Editor), Vladimir P. Naumov (Editor), Laura E. Wolfson

The Future of a Negation: Reflections on the Question of Genocide (Texts and Contexts) by Alain Finkielkraut, Mary Byrd Kelly (Translator), Richard J. Golsan (Introduction)

On Socialists and "the Jewish Question" After Marx (Reappraisals in Jewish Social and Intellectual History) by Jack Jacobs

The Socialism of Fools: Anti-Semitism on the Left by Michael Lerner

Harder-to-find items

Judaism and Socialism by Jacob Tarshish

British Socialism and Anti-Semitism, 1884-1914 by Peter Dahle Colbenson

Zionism, Israel and the New Left by Milton Ellerin
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